Why The Gonzalez Family Chose Auburn Martial Arts Center

Recently, Auburn Martial Arts Center gained two new students - eight year old Asa Gonzalez and his seven year old sister Josie. This week, I had a chance to speak to their father, Eric, about why he chose our martial arts school. Eric mentioned that when he first spoke to Master Debbie Lovas, he heard the professionalism in her voice. “First impression is everything, right?” he said to me. After hanging up with Master Lovas, Eric says he, “was on the website for two hours, just learning what it was about.” Eric read my black belt essay and many other articles and became impressed with our taekwondo school. He said the reason why he wanted to enroll his children in martial arts is because, “I wanted them to have a disciplined way, I want them to be efficient… this is a lifelong endeavor should they take on the interest.” I asked Eric how he thinks martial arts will improve his kids and his immediate response was, “Oh confidence, self-confidence,” and he believes that Taekwondo will help them be “set for success.” He told me, “I have no doubt that this will help their pathway towards maturity.” His children have been craving Taekwondo and “they’re very physical… now when they’re physical it’s to help each other.” And what does Eric think so far? “I can’t say enough good words about it,” is his response.

-Emily Hyatt

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