Belt Ceremony at AMAC

On Saturday, June 20th, all of the students who virtually tested for their black belt or color belt gathered at Auburn Martial Arts to be promoted and see everyone for the first time in months. I entered the gym at 12:00 to see Chief Master going over the ceremony procedures with the black belts and teaching them how to kneel for their knighting. All the parents and family members were greeting each other while the instructors weaved through the groups preparing for the ceremony. The color belts gathered on the mats, catching up and laughing. The air in the gym was fresh and inviting, surely the recent paint job and cleaning, which brought new life to our little school. After taking it all in, I saw on the table an incredible cake with the Lovas Taekwondo logo and all the black belts hand-made out of fondant - each with the names of the students that tested. The ceremony was incredible. All the students lined up and the process of receiving new belts and certificates had begun. It was especially exciting to watch Chief Master knight the black belts right in our own school. Afterward, everyone celebrated by tying on their new belts and taking pictures with the instructors. Finally, the beautiful cake was cut and everyone ate and enjoyed the sense of normalcy and fellowship after being apart for such a long time.

-Emily Hyatt

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