Perseverance Pays Off!

On Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at 9:00 am, many taekwondo students of all ages came out to the local gym to run a mile or two. I was able to be apart of this experience, as it was Auburn Martial Arts Center’s spring pretest and I had recently become an Instructor Trainee. After running, everyone headed to AMAC to begin testing. Eight students tested for their black belt, and many family members and other students came to support. Everyone did unbelievably well powering through push-ups, sit-ups, board breaks, and other difficult testing material. The most intense part of testing was the brawling segment. I’ve never seen such intense fighting - nor had I been apart of it - until that day. The atmosphere was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Everyone could simply feel the hard work, positivity, and comradely within the gym that morning. All eight of the students passed and are on track to test for their black belt in March. The masters had little to say of improvements, the students are continuing to work hard on their material, and it goes without saying that everyone did exceptionally well at this year’s spring pretest.

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