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The First Week Back

Finally, after months of Zoom classes and practicing in dysfunctional spaces, our martial arts family has reunited. Since the “soft opening,” we have had a handful of taekwondo, jujitsu, and silat classes. Before the closure, I think I might have taken the value of AMAC for granted. Now that we’re back in class, I couldn’t be happier and I even have a new sense of appreciation for training. I never knew how much I was going to miss walking through the doors of the gym. I didn’t realize that each class’s lesson impacted my day to day life. I could never have predicted that everyone was going to outgrow their sparring gear or how quickly we had to say goodbye to Ms. Jansz, someone who has been on her taekwondo journey at AMAC since she was 11 years old. Ms. Jansz’s last day before she moved to Arizona was Tuesday, July 7th, but luckily she got a few classes in before she left — including sparring. I asked a couple of students what they thought of their first week, everyone sharing similar ideas. Hannah Roberts, a blue-collar junior instructor mentioned that “it was great to see everyone.” Weiland Patrick, one of our taekwondo and jujitsu students, said it was the “best first week back, like the first day of school.” Everyone agreed that they were excited to exercise and train, see their friends and family, and even feel the familiar sense of routine and community.

-Emily Hyatt

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