What Does A Friday at AMAC Look Like?

Every Friday evening, many students of all ages enter Auburn Martial Arts Center for one or more of Friday’s Taekwondo classes. Some of our youngest Tiny Tigers build up their excitement for the upcoming class. Kids are practicing their poomsae with their friends. Teenagers and adults bow onto the mat for their last Taekwondo class of the busy work week. The all-belt Taekwondo class is up first, which normally consists of fun warmups and reviewing the material that was taught during the week. After this class, kids under the age of twelve run to put on their sparring gear. I always enjoy helping teach the kids sparring class and encouraging them to better their skills. Lastly is the adult sparring class, which is easily the highlight of my week. The rush of heavy breathing and being covered in sweat after a half an hour of fighting is irreplaceable. After our warmups, everyone rotates around, sparring people of varying ages and ranks. Sometimes we mix it up with tag teams, point sparring, or a pit drill. I’m always excited for Friday’s classes since they provide students with something different and it’s a great way to end the week.

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