Our Taekwondo program is a traditional Korean Taekwondo program famous for its awesome kicking. Auburn Martial Arts Center is a member of the United World Taekwondo Association (UWTA) and we are a Kukkiwon Certified school. The Kukkiwon is the gold star standard for Taekwondo and we are pleased to teach using a structured teaching system that creates successful Taekwondo practitioners. Our belt system teaches goal building and leadership skills that helps people become confident and productive not only in their own lives, but in the lives of their families and societyEach class is exciting and you will work up a sweat, all while having fun and learning self defense in every class. Our Taekwondo training program is based on an 8 week cycle, and is taught by certified instructors who continuously update their skills through continuing education and training.


Taekwondo isn't just for kids and teens but is great for pre-schoolers (Tiny Tigers) and Adults as well! So join us by taking advantage of our 1 week trial offer! You'll be glad you did!


Ages 3-5 - Tiny Tigers

Ages 6 and Up - Standard Taekwondo

Taught by: Chief Master Dan Lovas, Master Debbie Lovas, Mr. Eddie Rhoads and

Ms. Susan Harada



Our class is a combination of both Brazilian and Japanese Jujitsu. Jujitsu is a style of martial art that involves grappling, mostly on the ground, and a variety of submission moves and holds. With Jujitsu a much smaller person can overcome their opponent because the core of this martial art is technique and leverage.


Ages 8 and up

Taught by Chief Master Dan Lovas.



Sport Jujitsu brings three dynamic martial arts together and develops key skills sets in multiple areas of defensive knowledge. Taekwondo, specializing in the outside game, teaches the student all the basic kicks and strikes. Boxing, specializing in the midrange zone, teaches lightning fast hand techniques: jab, cross, hook, uppercuts, and midrange defense. Jujitsu, specializing in the clinch and ground work, teaches throws, trips and ground submissions.


Auburn Martial Arts is a proud supporter of Jujitsu America and follow the rules set forth by the organization. Matches begin in the stand-up position with point scored with kicks and punches. Once a grip is established, the striking ceases and take downs are employed. If a takedown is achieved, points are awarded based on time held down and submissions.


A jujitsu gee is the required uniform during class and competition. Students are also expected to attend class with sports-jujitsu sparring gear, a rash guard shirt, and a mouth piece.


Ages 8 and up

Taught by 8th degree black belt

Chief Master Dan Lovas.



We offer Silat classes and seminars on an ongoing basis. Come learn this systematic art of joint locks and manipulation. For more information on our Silat classes taught by Chief Master Dan Lovas, please contact us at 


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